Civil Wedding

Country wedding near Rome. Legal civil wedding in venue. 

The Italian Law

At La Seminatrice Venue is it possibile to celebrate a civil wedding with legal value in all respects.

From 2016 La Seminatrice Venue as the Municipality of Scandriglia authorization for legal wedding celebration.

The wedding day, from the Municipality a registrar will arrive with Scandriglia’s signboard, municipal registers and a mayor band for the officier. Italian law says that only registrars are allowerd in celebrating weddings so usually Mayor or his Vice will celebrate.

The Italian law says also tht is ti possibile to ask Mayor ot delegate another Italian citizen, not parents of bride and groom, to become registrar for one day. If one or none of the couple and witnesses are italian speacking a legal translatin for celebration and municipal register text must be provided.

The Rite

The Scandriglia’s Municipality requires that the legal part of the celebration, namely the Italian law articles regulating the wedding reading and the signature of the bride, groom, celebrant and witnesses, is done at the end of te whole celebration.

So the personalization of the celebration in the Seminatrice Venue is at the beginning of the rite. Having a professional celebrant is it possibile to add a special reading, witnesses speech, some kind of a ritual as sand ritual or light one wovs exchange and all you want at your weddig

To Know

Over Celebrant

Only Italian CItizens that are allowed to vote can be Mayor delegates except mother, father, brothers and sisters and suns.

For Foreigners 

A legal translation of the law articles must be provided and the celebrant must speak the language couple and witnesses both understand.

Over Witnesses

For Italian law only one witness per person (one for the bride and one for the groom) are the legal ones that will sign the municipality register. All other must be symbolic ones.

Set up

The Venue offer different wedding settings available: under an ancient, secular, oak or in the meadow with all chairs around or, incredible, exciting, romantic as no one else, our  “Cathedral”





Home Municipality

Here the documents the couple must prepare in order to get married.

Same Sex Weddings

The Italian Law has a regulation for same sex weddings. As for other weddings, same sex couple, can decide to get married in the Venue with a legal civil same sex wedding. For burocracy and papers ask La Seminatrice Team.

Municipality of Scandriglia

All required document must be presented to the Municipality

La Semintrice support team

A trusted person will follow the couple to help them with Italian burocracy papers. From the wedding request to the Municiaplity to the delegation for private officiant 

Country wedding near Rome. Legal civil wedding in venue. near Rome